Rid your birds of many internal and external parasites in one easy step.  No other gamefowl wormer has a longer residual effect.  Can kill most worms common to gamefowl (except tape) and also kills lice and mites which burrow into the skin and is excellent to use in a rotation program with Wormazole to help avoid the possibility of resistant parasites emerging on your yard.  The liquid can be missed with feed or given directly to the bird by mouth but it is not to be used in the drinking water. (It is not water soluble) Use for Capillary, gape, round, cecal, eye worms, lice & some mites (mainly types that burrow into the skin) affecting gamefowl.  Do NOT with hold feed before using this product.  ▪️One drop per pound ▪️Every 30 - 90 days as necessaryFor eye worms, give oral dose and a drop of liquid wormer in the eye, each day for at least 3 days.  PAUL WOOD

Neokil 2 oz dropper