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Sulpar QR Box

Sulpar QR Box

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For treatment of coccidiosis in poultry due to infection with Eimeria species, fowl typhoid due to infection with Salmonella gallinarum and folw cholera due to infection with Pasteurella mutocida.


Dosage and Administration:

Mix 1 sachet (5g) of SULPAR QR into 1 gallon (4L) of water and administer for 3 consecutive days.  on the 4th day, just give plain water.  Repeat administration of SULPAR QR on the 5th day to 6th day.



Give SULPAR QR Water Soluble Powder in the morning, and PREMOXIL Water Soluble Powder in the afternoon.


Withdrawal Periods

Chicken: 14 days

Turkey: 21 days

Eggs: 11 days



For use in drinking water of poultry.  Prepare fresh water daily.  Avoid under dosing.  Sick birds may drink less water than normal.  Avoid overdosing.  At high ambient temperatures virds drink more water than usual.



Store in temperatures not exceeding 30c.


Please refer to box for information.

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