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Super Dewormer

Super Dewormer


100% natural, herbal and stress free dewormer for fighting cock...


Supercharged Super Dewormer was designed to give Cockers and Breeders a natural alternative for intestinal lygiene or deworming that can be used in the peak of breeding conditioning of Fighting Cocks.  Supercharged Super Dewormer is a natural formulation that does not pose any threat to their performance and it is gentle on the gut and digestive system on any rooster.  We came up with the Supercharged Super Dewormer with the help of the most respected medical herbalist in the world.  Each capsuled of supercharged Super Dewormer is energized with 8 different energizing systes using some NASA Technology which hs fast results worms will come out within 15-30 minutes.


Used to Treat: Roundworms, Tapeworms and Gapeworms


Ingredients:  Beetle nut Cayenne pepper, pumpking seeds, black walnut, garlic and vitamin C.


Instructions:  Must be given between 6 a.m. or between 2-3 p.m.


Dosage:  1 Capsule of 500 mg must be given every 28 days for maintenabnce of cocks, stags, hens and pullets 14 days before the fith for stag bullstags and cocks.

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