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VetRx 2 oz

VetRx 2 oz


Dosages and Preparing Solution

     The directions below apply to bantams and mature poultry of similar size, unless otherwise noted.  For larger or smaller birds change the amount used in proportion to size of bird.

     Use VetRx warm, unless otherwise specified.  To warm open cap.  Put bottle in small pan of water.  heat at medium temperature.  Always test temperature of product before use.

     To prepare solution, add one teaspoonful of warm VetRx to one cup very warm water.  note: VetRx mixes with hot water, but floats on top of cold water.  This characteristic can be helpful.  Place a few drops of warm VetRx, straight from the bottle, down throat of bird at night.  Also, rub some warm VetRx from the bottle over head of birds and under wings.  Stronger mix of one teaspoonful VetRx in one-half cup of hot water can also be used.  Swab throat and wash head and eyes four or five times per day.  Keep nostrils, eyes and throat as clean as possible.


Please refer to instructions inside the box for more benefits of this formula.

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