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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently provide

QUALITY-NO-DUST poultry feed to farmers in Hawai'i.  In addition, we constantly are searching for hard-to-get products and equipment to our Hawai'i farmers so they can become the MOST effective and MOST productive in their goals in keeping a healthy farm while creating lasting memories with their family from generation to generation.


Our one-of-a-kind approach to specifically create ingredients to accommodate the needs and bring value to farmers in all different Hawai'i zones - sets us apart from our competitors providing the LARGEST and most QUALITY and SIGNATURE selection in Hawai'i.


Store Hours

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October 2nd - October 6th

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Container Arrivals

WC= Whole Corn

CC= Cracked Corn

We ship USPS Priority, YB, and Cargo

*Details in Shipping Policy

Don't Run Out of Dog Food Sale $40.99

Ingredients: Grain Sorghum, Beef Meal, Chicken Fat, Yeast Culture, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Turkey Meal, ......

Crude Protein.....................................................................23.0%

Crude Fat............................................................................12.0%

Gamecock Mix

This is the home of 75# gamecock bags which means you get more value for your money.  Although we have in-stock mill mix like the famous black bag with the red, yellow, and green rooster - TMC, we have created a handful of our own gamecock mixes to accommodate different farms and to accommodate different needs.  We brought back 50# bags!!!

Our signature mixes come in whole corn or cracked corn options and mainly milo is omitted from our recipes.  No matter which gamecock mix you do choose from our signature selection we can reassure that - as always - we have no dust and the minimum protein is 15%.

One last thing to consider are the PELLETS.  Each feed provides different pellets serving its own purpose.  Read the description below to see what feed would be your preference.  Any questions you can always email us at

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Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai'i on the East end of the island, Teddy (Golden Boy) Frias has been raising and breeding chickens for over 20 years.

Most people know him for his Goldens, Greys, Pumpkins and now his Blacks.  They also know him for crossing all four.  Breeding has been his passion and since at a young age keeping a healthy farm has been his priority.

The Golden Team (TGT) has been a motto of his for years.  All his knowledge and experience goes into educating farmers and supplying supplements on health.  The large inventory at TGT offers farmers to supply their needs whether it is clean, dust-free feed, antibiotics, vitamins, accessories, and equipment - all important factors on keeping a healthy farm and a healthy chicken.

Everyday we learn together looking to always find ways to improve.  We always welcome input and products suggestions that might be of good use to everyone.

Thank you for your patronage!

TGT Feed & Farm

Teddy & Tuesday

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