Frequently asked questions

Which Dewormers could I use to treat not only worms but lice too?

Neokil, Wormazole, Neobicide.

Which Deworming medicine can I use for eye worms?

OxyRid, Neokil, Wormazole, Ivermectin (Ivermec). You can also apply VetRx to the eye but it will not treat eye worms.

How much Neokil or Wormazole drops do I give my chicks or chickens?

Chicks as old as 8 weeks and up would be one drop per pound. See application on product information for reference.

Which is the most effective eye dewormer?


What is the best vitamins we could give our poultry?

All vitamins are good but our top sellers are S.E.T Pro (with probiotics) and VITMIN PRO. Depending on which you choose they are available in tablet or water soluble form.

My poultry is showing signs of 1) diarrhea/bloody stools 2) droopy wings 3) appetite loss - how can I treat that?

Coccidiosis. We have a handful of use products that we feel some works more effective than others. Baycox 5%, CoxiVax, NFONE, CocciBuster, Corid, Sulmetine, Sulpar, Amprol, Flashmode, and Tepox48 are products we carry to help assist on ridding of this bacteria. The top two applications we use? BayCox 5% and CoxiVax (refrigerate).

HOw can I treat watery eyes, nasal discharge, and rattle?

Baytril Max, Baytril, Enroflox (any form), Lincomycin, Flashmode, LSpec, Ambroxitil, Premoxil 550, and Amtyl 500.

My chicken is having a hard time breathing, loss of appetite, and slow moving. How can we treat CRD?

Chronic Respiratory Disease. Products you can use are CRD tablets, Baytril Max, Baytril, Enroflox (any form), Vetracin, Lincomycin, Amtyl 500, Ambroxitil, LSpec, and Premoxil 550.

What type of feed do you carry for hens?

We have several types of feed to choose from. Stag Developer which is almost like a scratch with pellets sprayed iwth fish oil. This mix containers 15% protein. The minimum recommended. High Roller gamecock mix is another good choice because of the higher protein. If you're looking for pellets we carry 16% during the breeding season and 27% all year around.

What type of antibiotics do you have to treat my farm?

Tylomox, Premoxil 550, Amtyl 500, Flashmode, Enroflox, Vetracin, Baytril Max, Lincomycin, Ambroxitil

What type of antibiotics do you have to treat chicks?

Ambroxitil and Premoxil 550 water soluble. Flashmode, Vetracin, Enroflox. You can also treat them with Baytril max injectable or Lincomycin, LSpec Injectable or LSpec powder.

What spur care program do you have in stock?

We have spur saw, spur cutter, and crayola chalk to stop the bleeding when cutting spurs.

Which medicine do you have that is all around?

Sulmetine and Sulpar