Depending on which product to be shipped/mailed will determine how and/or when we send out.  Please select the correct shipping option at checkout.  

Small Items - US Postal Service

Items that can be mailed using USPS 1-3 day day Priority Mail will be processed within two (2) days of your order.  The size of your order will determine which size USPS 1-3 day Priority Mail box to use (Small, Medium, Large).  From the time of your order to the date of your arrival may reach around 5-7 days, please make arrangements accordingly ahead of time should you need, for example, an antibiotic to treat your animal.  Small items could include below:

All medicines/vitamins


Variety of accessories


Medium Items - US Postal Service, Cargo, or YB

Depending on a medium "sized item" or a medium "size order"will determine what would be the best way to ship those item(s).  We have three shipping options using USPS, Cargo, and YB for this "Medium Item" section.  If you find that the calculation for your request is wrong, please call 808-796-1442 for us to calculate the right shipping price.  Medium items could include the below:

-Shipping Box(es)

-Derby Box(es)

-Cages (less than a pallet size)



-Feed (less than a pallet size)

Before you order medium product(s) be sure that your island accepts cargo.

Large Items - YB

We DROP OFF pallets of feed to other islands on Young Brothers (YB) on Tuesdays/Wednesdays to be shipped on Thursdays or DROP OFF Fridays to be shipped on Mondays under Charge On Delivery (COD).  There is a 20 bag minimum order (no matter what size) to provide this shipping service Sometimes customers would combine their orders with family and friends to split the shipping costs and make the minimum bag order.  Please text your order to 808-796-1442.  We can also ship medicines and accessories within the pallet.  


*Please note that depending on our availability we can ship your item the same week or the following week your order was placed.  Also note that upon reviewing your order and shipping calculations are wrong for the products you're purchasing - we will refund your entire order.  You can make arrangements calling or texting 808-796-1442 to ship your product(s) with the correct shipping company.


Any questions - don't hesitate to CALL 808-333-5105


All Sales Final!

However, depending on the situation if you are returning animal feed due to mildew, moss, or bugs please contact 808-333-5105 to dispute your purchase.   You can return a product for up to 3 days from the date you purchased it, in the original packaging, in the same condition you received it, with the original receipt along with the approval from upper management. 


Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it, in the original packaging and accompanied with an original receipt.  No products from wear-n-tear use or used can be returned.  Upper management approval required.  


We run our business on a cash-incentive program where your discount is paying cash while visiting our store.  We do accept credit/debit card payments at a 3.95% fee passed on to the customer.  While visiting our online store the website will take you to the PayPal page with no additional fees added to the customer.  


Your privacy is our highest priority. We do not share, sell, or use your information stored on your website account. The purpose of your information store is solely for your use when logging into your account to keep track of your orders. TGT Feed & Farm LLC does not use cookies to track your online behavior; however, other companies such as google may. You have a right to not store any personal information or create a user account. Should a consumer want to have their account deleted or removed, he/she may do so at their own leisure. Any questions please contact 808-333-5105